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What makes Brookville unique is the problem water traits (particularly iron-related) combine with hard water aspects, especially in well areas.

If you are purchasing a home in the Brookville Area, the likelihood that your well or municipal water has problems with hardness or taste/smell/look is high. Culligan Brookville can provide a comprehensive and customizable solution to these home water issues. 

There are two common types of iron – ferrous (clear water iron) and insoluble (ferric or red water) iron. A Culligan High Efficiency Water Softener can only filter out ferrous iron. An iron filter is needed to attack red iron at the source. Contact your local Brookville Culligan for more information on how to properly treat your home’s water system for iron and other minerals and contaminants.  

Don’t be fooled into thinking your well water is clean just because it might look or taste ok. If you are purchasing or building a home in the area, call us for a FREE water test today.

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